When security meets technology

When security meets technology

We introduce the new ISFG CONCEPT

Irritating Security Fog Generators that end users can manage and refill themselves.

ISFG in short

STINGFOG is the latest development in Fog Generators for burglary protection.  Upon intrusion by a burglar STINGFOG emits a super fast drying fog enriched with irritating substances.  The original Security Fog Generators created a thick fog so intruders could not see, STINGFOG enhances the standard fog protection with an irritant substance into the standard optical fog!

Standard Security Fog Generators


Security Fog Generators (SFG) have been widely used in Europe for years, they are an incredibly  effective anti-burglary tool.  White UFO Security is a market leader in Europe, and now we are introducing our SFG to the American market.

Here's how the SSFG works

As stand alone device or Linked to the burglar alarm or to access controls, when a burglar enters the location the SFG instantly emits a thick fog that makes it impossible for the burglar to see.  Our slogan “You can’t steal what you can’t see” is a very apt expression.  And our completely non-toxic fog, made from FDA food rated glycol, is harmless to people and leave no residues on surfaces.  The SFG can also be manually activated, locally by remote control or by APP on your cellphone and remotely activated by a monitoring center.  The burglar has no option other than to retreat and immediately leave the premises!

STINGFOG: Introducing the ISFG ( Irritating Security Fog Generator) technology

For protection of highly sensitive areas such as jewelry safe, gun vaults, valuable documents, etc., we offer the even more protective STINGFOG.  This unit adds an irritating substance to the fog, and can quickly cover vast indoor spaces with an optional barrier enriched by irritating substances.  Our SFG can be refilled easily and inexpensively by the user, this is a perfect low cost burglary prevention device.

The future of security

Discover the new product of Ufo house. The Basic Wi-Fi, compared to the previous model, has improved by more than 40% its effectiveness. Moreover, it has been completely redesigned from scratch in order to introduce new technologies to improve the management and use of the fog machine.






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Other models

Ufo Basic

Ufo Extreme

Ufo Gold

How does it work?

UFO autonomously detects burglaries thanks to the integrated sensor and is able to create a really thick fog that prevents burglars from seeing and acting. The only thing that you have to do when you leave the premises is to activate the UFO with its remote control or from the app.

Every UFO has integrated all these Optionals

Discover the contents of the box

The remote control is bidirectional

When you leave the room protected by UFO, all you have to do is push the button on the remote control and UFO will be activated. To deactivate it, just press the other button on the remote control and UFO will be disarmed. The confirmation of activation and deactivation is given by an LED on the remote control and a vibration.

The fog

The Fog delivered by UFO is composed by alcohol and food grade glycol, certified and non-toxic to people and animals. Once the fog is created, it is sufficient to ventilate the room and it will dissolve in about half an hour without leaving any trace. The fog is not wet, leaves no residue, and does not damage furniture or electrical or electronic equipment.

Backup battery

The Battery backup guarantees the operation of UFO even in case of a power failure.

The sensor

Integrated volumetric dual technology that ensures the absence of interference, malfunctions, and false alarms. Once UFO is activated, it is able to detect the thief and delivers the thick fog if the sensor detects movement.

The 110 db siren

The 110dB siren sounds with the fog for an even more impenetrable effect. The GSM alerts you in case of a burglary.


Anti-robbery kit

It consists of an additional remote control that allows you to operate the fog on command in case of need. It can be placed anywhere inside a room and used at any time, whatever the state of UFO.

Ufo Twin

It can be connected to any UFO. It is a real UFO, but it is controlled together with the main one. UFO mini can cover environments up to 40 sqm; however, it has a sensor and backup battery on board that allows it to operate even in the absence of power.