Helpdesk is the basis of our service. All of our UFO devices are guaranteed for 5 years. In case of serious and irreparable problems, we can replace the faulty device in 48 h. Therefore, we guarantee 100% protection.

We have in each country a Toll Free Assistance 24 H - 7 Days a week.

How is UFO activated?
UFO can be armed/disarmed directly from the remote control or from the app. UFO must be armed and disarmed only after leaving the premises.
How does the remote control work?
All UFO remote controls are bidirectional, so you can always know the status of the device directly on the remote control. By pressing the button with the full cassette, the UFO is armed. Pressing the button with an empty box disarms the UFO. By pressing the "i" key, you can know the status of UFO. In fact, according to the LED that lights up, you can see if UFO is on and, therefore, armed or off and, therefore, disarmed. The central key indicates the battery status of the remote control. The reception of the arming and disarming command is confirmed by the flashing of the LED in on or off correspondence and the vibration of the remote control itself. If, after pressing one of the three buttons, all three LEDs flash together, it means that the UFO has not received the command.

For UFO BASIC, the remote control is different and can be:

  • In the basic version, a remote control with 2 keys A B, using only key A, once pressed just check if the LED is flashing and, according to the color, you can know if the UFO is armed or disarmed. Red is armed and blue is disarmed.
  • In the Wi-Fi version, the remote control has two buttons: lock open and lock closed. By pressing the open padlock, it will disarm the UFO, and by pressing the closed padlock, it will arm the UFO. The confirmation of the command is shown by the green LED on the remote control flashing.
  • How much does UFO cost?
    We have many types of UFOs to meet all needs. Contact us and we can provide you with all the information you need for an accurate quote.
    How many uses does my UFO offer?
    With the new ufo the number of uses has increased:
  • Basic: 4-5 times
  • Extreme: 4-5 times
  • Did a red led light up?
    The red LED on the front part of the UFO next to the sensor, or reflected on the GOLD and FAMILY versions, indicates the liquid reserve. This LED lights up when you still have 1 supply in the devices with a single refill, in UFO L PRIME and UFO XL PRIME it indicates the exhaustion of one of the 2 cylinders.
    How do I replace the tanks?
    Replacing the cylinder is very simple:

  • Remove the door with the suction cup
  • Remove the exhausted cylinder (the cylinder may be stuck at the top, just push it down and pull it out laterally)
  • Insert the new cylinder by first inserting the lower part and then the upper one
  • Push it so that it engages with a "click"
  • Check the correct position by turning it on itself, you will notice that it rotates without problems if it is in the correct position
  • Press the reset button, listen for an acoustic sound, and then turn off the front red light
  • Close the door.

    Note that it is not necessary to switch off the UFO.
  • Where is the reset button located?
    The reset button is located inside the cylinder compartment. It is easily recognizable as it is the only button present.
    Why does the UFO blink?
    The UFO display indicates the temperature status of the boiler. At the first installation the UFO will blink until it reaches the temperature of use. From that moment on, the UFO will remain permanently lit.

    If it starts flashing suddenly: Check the power supply, it may be that the power has failed and the boiler has cooled down. It may flash after one or more shots because the boiler cools down during the shot and returns to the proper temperature within 15 minutes Verify that it is not attached on a temporized socket

    Note that if you haven't solved the problem and the UFO is still flashing, open a ticket below explaining the problem in detail.
    Does the UFO make a strange noise like a buzzing sound?
    It is normal for UFO to make a humming noise every time you arm it, and it does so for about half an hour. This is part of the self-diagnosis. In fact, it is a compressor that checks that all of the circuits are free and the UFO is working properly. A slight mist may also come out of the nozzle during this operation.
    Where do I download the app?
    You can download the app directly from the app store or Google Play Store by searching for "Ufo Security".
    How do I insert the sim on my UFO?
    The UFO only works with regular SIMs and not with alarm SIMs, as the SIM must have both data and voice traffic. To insert it, just follow these simple steps:

  • Get a Microsim Tim or Vodafone
  • Remove the PIN of the SIM so that it is no longer protected
  • Open the front door with the suction cup
  • Insert the SIM card into the slot, with the cut in the bottom right corner
  • Push until you hear a click
  • Close the door
  • Can't arm UFO?
    If you can't arm UFO, you can check several things:

  • Remote control battery
  • Battery of any additional sensors
  • UFO SLAVE are all on

    If you cannot arm the UFO, it is probably because the UFO does not detect one or more peripheral devices and consequently goes into protection. You will have to make sure that all of the peripherals are on and working. If you cannot solve or understand which peripheral is causing the problem, we suggest that you turn off the UFO with the ON/OFF switch in the tank compartment and then turn it on again. Doing so will reset the system and the UFO will allow you to arm the system even with a peripheral out of order. There will be no problem then, other than the fact that the peripheral in question will clearly not work, but the rest of the system will work flawlessly.

    Once you have armed the UFO, and thereby secured the room, we suggest that you fill out the support request below explaining the problem and we will contact you to figure out together which peripheral is creating the problem and fix it.
  • Do you need to change the phone number of the dialer?
    To replace the phone numbers, we suggest that you send an email to with the new numbers, your data, and a phone number to contact you. Alternatively, you can open a ticket hereunder.
    Why does the writing remain on?
    The LED on signals that the machine is at the right temperature and is ready to fire in case of activation.
    Why are the blue leds on near the sensor?
    The blue LEDs signal the activation of the machine. If they are on, it means that the device is armed.
    Why are the white leds on near the sensor?
    These LEDs indicate an anomaly that can be from a simple power failure to a more serious problem. First of all, check that the fogger is correctly powered and that there is power available from the outlet to which it is connected. If the power supply is correct, please contact us by filling out the request below and we will open a support ticket.
    Why are there green/yellow/red leds lit near the sensor?
    The sensor is in walk test mode. This mode is activated when the fogger is turned on. About 10 minutes after the fogger is powered on, the green and yellow LEDs will be disabled.
    Why can't I see any leds on regarding the wireless sensor?
    In the wireless detectors, the red LED lights up only during the first 10 minutes from the power supply to perform the walk test mode. Once the mode is over, the LED is disabled to preserve the battery inside, and the sensor remains active.