About us

We are a young company made by young people. We believe in technology, innovation and useful ideas. Our production site is located near Treviso – Italy. We design, test and produce all of our products in Italy because we believe that Made in Italy is real added value.

Our strengths?

The great reliability of our products, prompt delivery, and an after-sales service that guarantees decisive action in a very short time.
We are total more than 160 expert consultants who are ready to answer your questions and advise you on the most suitable UFO system for you.

Our patent

Ufo Security is the company that has patented the UFO fog burglar alarm device, as the only self-installing fog device. UFO was born from the in-depth study of the best technologies on the market to create a product that would be a definitive solution against theft. An extremely innovative product that not only emits an alert but also acts to stop the burglar physically.

After-sales service

All UFO devices are IP therefore, it is in continuous connection with our offices. In case of problem, our technicians are able to connect and offer real remote assistance while always guaranteeing maximum privacy. Suppose a problem is found regarding the UFO device that requires the intervention of the headquarters. In that case, you will not be left without protection!

Our team

Leonardo Fontana
Founder & General Manager
Gian Paolo Perali
Team Member & Mascotte
Francesco Fontana
Founder & Product Manager
Giuseppe Parisi
Sales Manager Italy
Alessandro & Nicola
R&D Team
Mauro Melis
Technical Manager
Kossi Stide
Production Manager
Eleonora, Gigliola & Susanna
Erica & Lara
Front Desk
Customer Care



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